Kardesan Bakery Equipments and Industrial Coating

Kardesan, the giant of bakery sector, has been serving with its management staff and professional employees having 30 years of experience. Kardesan, which follows the developments in its field step by step, adopted to respond to the needs of the bakery products at the highest level as a corporate principle.

In line with this principle, Kardesan, which entered the bakery and bread slicing machines sector in 2003, non-stop continues to develop...

Our Mission

To provide the products and services that will satisfy the customer expectations completely by adopting the total quality understanding in the direction of our targets that we have set out and to ensure the continuity of our example corporate identity in the sector.

Our Vision

To ensure that the quality understanding is settled in every unit and individual of the company and in every activity by considering the Customer Satisfaction as the foundation and purpose of the existence of the company. To maintain our reputation by continuing our business life in line with commercial principles and morality. To aim to establish long-lasting and consistent relations with our customers and suppliers.

Our Basic Values

Customer Satisfaction Quality in Service and Production Team Work Not to give promises that will not be fulfilled To establish well-based relationships To set an example for the sector